About Salon Noelle

1380216_522255047863820_1894266327_nThanks for your interest in learning more about Salon Noelle!  

Let’s start with what led me on this path…

Throughout my life, I’ve been in the search of all things beautiful. Not only beauty in our appearance, but beauty in our souls. It took a series of syncronistic experiences and a journey of self-discovery that led me to believe that we all have beauty within us.

We all have our ups and downs

In our busy lives, it’s easy to get into a funk and lose the connection with our inner beauty. Sometimes it takes some subtle reminders to allow us to reconnect and reawaken our true selves. Studies show that the way we feel on the inside will affect our outer appearance.

For me, it’s just not about styling hair. It’s about helping clients to feel great from the inside and out.

When you enter Noelle’s, you don’t enter a salon, you enter a fabulous party. As a gracious and genuinely interested hostess, Noelle will offer you food, a drink or a hot cup of English tea. You’ll laugh, have great conversations and make some new friends.

It’s not a haircut; it’s an event. – Melissa

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